For most families, church is a time that is dedicated to spending time with our Lord. Sundays (or any other day you dedicate to our Savior) are a time when we get to come together with a community of like-minded, loving, open, caring, and wholesome individuals who share our love in worship. It is a very special time in each week, and it is because it is such a special time that it is so vital for children to attend—and enjoy attending!

Teaching Good Habits

As I’m sure you remember when you were younger, sometimes it was hard to go to church every week! When we are young, nearly all we want to do is play, have fun, and explore (as is natural for learning, growing children). If we can ensure our church time is exciting for children, we will begin to teach them one of the best habits they will need as they grow older: church attendance.

Most Sunday Schools teach their children the word of Christ through story time, coloring, TV programs (like Veggie Tales), and games. This is great since we are trying to teach our children the good habit of going to church every Sunday; luckily, Loop The Fruit is an awesome game that should be in every Sunday school class to help teach kids the word of God while giving them a fun, interactive game to play at the same time!

A Life with Christ

Bringing children to church every week also shows them the importance of having a life with Christ. As they develop a healthy relationship with our Lord, they will begin to connect that church equals a time when they can pursue and develop their relationship with Him. It’s a special time for all of us, but it’s especially important for children getting to know the Lord. A relationship with God gives them something that they can have by their side through everything, and it serves as a sense of peace and security from what is happening in the world around them.

Developing Social Skills in Faith

Church is a place where a diverse community comes together to form as one body in Christ. Your children will not only make new friends, but they will develop social habits with the people around them and build a strong faith with each other. Church teaches children to love one another and how to treat people in the outside world as brothers and sisters. It also helps them develop the skills necessary to discuss their faith with others—people of the same and differing faiths. This is an imperative skill they will need during their lifetime and it all develops right in church.

Family Time

Church can help build a family-community inside your household. A tight knit family is a beautiful family, and church can help with internal communication, understanding, care, and faith. Church can help your children become comfortable in their own home as they know they are surrounded by people like them. It also gives them a way to be comfortable when talking to you as their parent about anything, as God gives them courage and faith in your love.

Learning Responsibility

Children learn responsibility while attending church because part of their responsibility is to get up and ready prior to church starting. It also teaches them responsibility through listening and understanding scripture, and volunteering for tasks within the church.


Church is the perfect time to teach children about the word and love our Lord has to offer us. It gives them several necessary life skills that they will be grateful to have once they are older. We must continue to bring them with us to church, make church fun and exciting for them, and teach them the ways we were taught by our own parents. Together, we can help build a new generation of loving, caring, devoted individuals who find comfort in our Lord.

God Bless.