Christmas is an exciting time of year as we focus on giving, kindness, and love. The excitement of Christmas can make us overlook its significance to our faith. It is easy to get caught up in presents and family parties. This Christmas, we are going to celebrate the birth and teachings of our Lord and Savior. Loop The Fruit is a fun way to help your family learn about the many teachings of Jesus Christ. There is no better time to start than Jesus’s birthday!

Learn the Bible in a Fun Way

Loop The Fruit isn’t a typical board game. It is an opportunity to grow your knowledge within your faith. It’s designed to teach the nine fruit of the Holy Spirit as put forth by Paul the Apostle. Developing these characteristics can help you in your everyday life. While we can read and learn the bible when we go to church, how many of us are truly studying the bible when we are at home? Just like all studying, simply reading the bible for memorization can become mundane after several repetitions.

With our attention spans growing shorter, this old-school way of learning just won’t cut it anymore. We need a new and fun way to learn about the love and word of God. Loop The Fruit teaches about God’s word and gives children a safe space to learn about happily giving, humbly receiving, graciously winning, and calmly losing. While teaching children about healthy values, it explores other areas of life where children will need to develop humble emotions towards actions. If you’re looking for a new way to learn and teach the bible, Loop The Fruit is perfect for you, your family, friends, and church.

Growing Closer with Your Peers

Christmas is all about loving one another and being thankful and kind. When we think of this time, we typically think of our families sitting together, bonding, which can be uncommon in the modern world. Playing games something that almost everyone can connect over. Playing Loop The Fruit with your friends and family will not only strengthen your faith individually, but it will give your family a time to bond together and with our Lord. Loop The Fruit provides more than a distraction from the chaos of life. It teaches your family to love one another and follow the teachings of our Lord.

Teaching Children in New Ways

Loop The Fruit boosts Christmas spirit by investing in teaching children the word of God. Your children deserve to learn in a way that works best for them. Children learn best with the comfort of their family, with the people who are closest to them, by how they are treated, spoken to, and observing how others are treated. This is critical in the realm of playing games with children because it teaches them how to cope when losing a game and how to win gracefully.

If you want to have happy, healthy children who love the Lord, then Loop The Fruit is the perfect game for them. Help teach your children about some of life’s most important concepts while giving them a thought-provoking game to engage in some important bible verses. Teach your children about love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, and promote healthy Christian values with Loop The Fruit.

Your holidays should be filled with joy, love, and peace. Loop The Fruit can boost your holiday spirit with the Holy Spirit. Jesus brings us together at church, bible study, or Sunday school, so it is time that He can bring us together at home. His teachings stay with us every day of the year. Accomplish this with Loop The Fruit! Buy your game today, before the holiday! Enter our giveaway on Facebook; 12 winners chosen on December 16th.

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