One of the best things you may not know about Loop the Fruit is that we can help your organization raise money! Whether it be your church, Sunday school class, bible study group, girl or boy scouts, or any other group you may be a part of, we can help you with your next fundraiser.

What’s so great about fundraising and selling Loop the Fruit? Well for one, you will get 33% of all sales you make of the Loop the Fruit game. Loop the Fruit sells for $39.95, so for every one game your group sells for your fundraiser, you will make $13.18! That’s more than you would make with most fundraising campaigns.

Why Fundraising is Important

Some groups may be fundraising for their chosen charity, and others may be fundraising so they can take a special trip together for bonding time. Whatever your chosen reason for fundraising is, fundraising is an important skill for anyone to learn. One of the best reasons for fundraising is that you get to spread the message of your group. By spreading your group’s message, you get to share your ethics, values, and purpose with those you are selling to.

Loop the Fruit is ideal for groups and charities that believe in God, as Loop the Fruit is a board game based on the nine attributes of a Christian life (the nine fruit of the Holy Spirit). When your groups message aligns with the message of Loop the Fruit, you will have an easier time clearly explaining and selling the game. The more you sell, the more you make for your charity or group!

Skills Fundraising Teaches

Many fundraising adults learned their skills early on as children, so it’s perfect to start children on their fundraising path early. There are tons of skills that fundraising teaches children from early on. For one, it teaches children how to set goals. Whether that goal be to raise money for their charity, Sunday school, or other group, they learn that setting goals means having to set steps to follow the goals. They learn how to plan and achieve goals.

Fundraising teaches children about teamwork. They learn that they aren’t the only ones working towards the team’s goals, and that they need to all work together to succeed. Without their other team members, they might not be able to reach their goals alone. They learn how to cooperate and coordinate with their team to reach their mutual goals.

Effective communication may be one of the most valuable skills everyone can benefit from when it comes to fundraising. In order to sell products for the fundraiser, and convey the message of your charity or group, you will need to be able to communicate effectively. Communicating your message is one of the biggest parts of fundraising, as we stated above. People who agree with your message and support you will want to participate in your fundraiser. In fact, even if people don’t support your message, if you can communicate and deliver it in an effective manner, then you might be able to sway them to help your fundraiser too.

Fundraising is a great way to earn money for your organization or a charity that you believe in. With Loop the Fruit, you go out and sell the board games at their full price ($39.95) then once you deliver the order to us (IA Business Advisors) we will write you a check for 33% of your sales right then. Then, we will fulfill and ship out all the orders. That makes it a piece of cake for you, since you won’t have to go out and deliver them yourself.

We love helping our community grow! Our goal to help you grow is to help what you care for grow too. Connect with us to learn more about fundraising with Loop the Fruit!