Growing as individuals and as a family is important for our human development. Loop The Fruit was founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Fruit of the Spirit teaches lessons to be learned and lived in our everyday lives. Through the game, your children will learn the lessons of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

In this new year, focusing on kindness, patience, and joy will not only bring you closer to God but will help you grow as a family. Loop The Fruit can help you, your children, community, and family grow together in positive values. If you’re ready to make our world a better place in 2020, learn why these three attributes of a Christian life are vital.


Kindness can be overlooked in our society. Teaching children how to be kind allows them to lead a happier life with a positive influence. The United States Marine Core found that being kind improves the health of children and decreases stress. The smallest act of kindness can bring a greater sense of belonging, improved self-esteem, and feelings of gratitude to those around you. Research says that if every child was taught to be kind, there would be less bullying in schools and reduced depression. Kindness increases levels of serotonin in the brain whether you are the giver or receiver of an act of kindness. Our three blueberries (Beulah, Betsy, and Barnabas) teach your whole family this important tool for development in every game.


Having patience tends to be challenging for most of us. It is the ability to tolerate waiting, delay, or frustration without becoming agitated or upset. This is an important aspect of our development. As you play Loop The Fruit, our patience-filled pear Peggy will teach you to endure the wait. Having patience can reap great rewards. Research shows that patience helps us develop empathy. When a person is patient, they take the time to think about what they might be going through and determine how they will overcome the obstacles in their life. Patience has been known to trigger better decision-making as it allows one to assess a situation from all points of view. Playing board games helps to develop patience, but Peggy will help you every step of the way providing guidance through the words of our Savior.


Everyone deserves to have joy in their life. Children are always in need of this characteristic when they are developing and it is best they receive this from their caregivers. Joy reduces anxiety in children by releasing tension they may be holding onto. Our joyful apple, Adam, will take your family on a journey of learning joy. Joy boosts learning. When you are joyful, you are calm and your mind is optimized for taking in information. Games bring out joy in children and families, so take the journey with Adam and our other eight fruits to experience the characteristics that Jesus teaches us.

There is a purpose behind every trait that our Lord teaches us and sometimes we might not understand why. Loop The Fruit takes each Fruit of the Spirit and brings them to life so you can interactively learn their importance while having fun with the people you love. We should strive to use all nine of these characteristics to our best abilities in our everyday life. The nine fruit make us feel better and they create a positive environment around us. Our Lord intended us to be joyful and spread His teachings. You can do so with the most exciting Christian board game on the market.

God Bless!