Meet Priscilla, the Fruit of Goodness

My name is Priscilla. We embody goodness as the fruit of the Holy Spirit. I am respectful, polite, and caring to those around me. I am often searching for what is right and avoiding what is wrong. I am thankful to others who show goodness and return it with goodness of my own. God wants us to show goodness all the time because God is good. I exhibit goodness by carefully thinking about my actions, thoughts, and speech. I make sure that I am only doing good and not wrong. I think about my actions, if they are good, and, most importantly, if God thinks they are good. When coming across a new challenge, I find it helpful to consider, “When I do this, am I loving God? When I do this, am I loving my neighbor as I love myself?”

We must be good to everyone, even our enemies, because goodness knows what’s right and wrong. Being good involves caring for others and sharing your knowledge about what is good. I have gratitude for what is and has been done for me. I pride myself in being unselfish and encouraging others to show goodness every day. Ask yourself, “Do I know what is right and do I follow through with it? If not, what can I do to change how I portray goodness?” Throughout the game, I want you to show goodness to others even if you are behind. Collect my fruit cards and see how goodness is used.

I encourage you to read these passages to get more of an understanding of goodness.

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