Meet Peggy, the Fruit of Patience

My name is Peggy. I embody patience as the fruit of the Holy Spirit. I know when things go wrong, patience will endure the wait with great reward. Patience comes with my endurance to not be not be quick to act on my emotions. I am not quick to overreact to a situation. What helps me is to slow down and take a minute to think in such a fast-paced world. I am slow to anger and quick to forgive others for wrongdoing. This helps me keep strong relationships and have good friends. When in an argument, I am not concerned about who is right. I find it’s better to be agreeable and find middle ground.

Patience involves perseverance and putting up with hardships for as long as it takes. In the end, everything will turn out great as long as I have faith. Remember, God is patient with us and we need to be patient with him. Things won’t always go my way, but I am patient because I know that one day it will go my way. With patience comes good character. I encourage you to use patience to improve your character every day. Collect my fruit cards and learn more about how patience can impact your life.

I encourage you to read these passages to get more of an understanding of patience.

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