Meet Obadiah, the Fruit of Faithfulness

My name is Obadiah. I embody faithfulness as the fruit of the Holy Spirit. I am steady, dependent, and always there and ready. I am faithful in God and all that he does for me. Being faithful to God means that I have full belief and confidence in Him. I stay faithful by acting based on my beliefs and making smart decisions that positively affect myself and others. Faithfulness takes perseverance. This means that I stay with something even when it gets tough. If everyone left when things got tough, then we would have no faithful people in life.

Being faithful shows good character as an individual and having a good character leads to more opportunities. To grow in faith, it’s best to make important things a priority and stick with them. All good relationships are founded on mutual trust between individuals. Gaining that trust takes time but remaining faithful takes loyalty and patience. I often ask myself, “What areas in my life am I not being completely faithful? How can I change them?” Collect my fruit cards and learn about faithfulness.

I encourage you to read these passages to get more of an understanding of faithfulness.

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