Meet Benjamin, the Fruit of Self-Control

My name is Benjamin. I embody self-control as the fruit of the Holy Spirit. I am good at managing my emotions, actions, words, and thoughts. I practice good self-control every day. I find that it takes great strength to show self-control in all situations. Self-control comes from my knowledge of myself. I know when I am thinking something I shouldn’t or wanting to do something I can’t. Self-control is my ability to not be afraid to say no to things I shouldn’t do, say, or think. Resisting temptation is hard, but practicing self-control proves to be rewarding.

Self-control has saved me from doing things I would have regretted. When I am doubting my abilities, I ask myself, “Do I have trouble restraining myself from what isn’t good for me?” If the answer is yes, I try to find ways to better my self-control. Since I have good self-control, I am able to control my sinful desires and always make the smart choice. Try to show self-control throughout the game and collect my fruit cards to see more examples of self-control.

I encourage you to read these passages to get more of an understanding of self-control.

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