Meet Adam, the Fruit of Joy

My name is Adam. I embody joy as the fruit of the Holy Spirit. My cup of joy is overflowing and I’m always smiling throughout the day. Always laughing and playing as I go. Many people confuse me with happiness, but I am much more than that! Happiness is an emotion we feel, and there are times in life for other emotions that aren’t happiness. Joy is something that you have, it comes from filling the spiritual void with good relationships. Happiness often comes with joy. I have grown within joy by resisting self-pity and focusing on loving others and God. I have gratitude for all the wonderful things God has done for us, as should you.

Through time, I have learned that the number one key to joy is God’s spirit. It’s having a feeling of gladness based on our circumstances in life. We are all different, but we all have the ability to be filled with joy. Choose to be the joy in others’ lives as well as your own. As you move around the board collecting fruit cards, learn more about how I am in your everyday life even if you don’t realize it.

I encourage you to read these passages to get more of an understanding of joy.

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