Our story begins after Barbara Lein (creator of Loop The Fruit) was approached by a supervisor who asked if she would do her a favor. To Barbara’s surprise and amazement the favor was to join her family (which was short one member) to walk in a 4th of July parade. She later found out that she would be joining a clown family… thus Twinkles the Clown was born.
Then a few months later, while at church one Sunday, a gentleman from the children’s ministry asked if Twinkles would consider entertaining the kids. She told him the extent of her profession was walking in a couple of parades and that she didn’t have an act or any talent to offer them. “Zechariah the Mountain Man”  responded with: “God is not concerned with your capability, but with your availability. Are you available?”
Twinkles the Clown visited the children’s church, and God gave her ideas for games to play with the children while teaching them about God, His Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Twinkles learned to face paint, make balloon animals, and other sorts of clown craft. Eventually, Twinkles retired; until one day in March of 2010 when Barbara heard in her spirit the word “fruit” and then “Fruit of the Spirit.” It repeated until she finally heard the word “game.”
Without an inkling of artistic talent or even an end goal in mind, Barbara rekindled Twinkles and focused her energy into the board game that eventually became Loop The Fruit. The game incorporates Christian themes and values while placing an emphasis on teaching positive behaviors and attitudes that Barbara taught and implemented throughout her career in education as a teacher’s aide, Twinkles the Clown, and a mom.