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Loop The Fruit is a board game based on the biblical Fruit of the Holy Spirit (the nine attributes of a Christian life according to Paul the Apostle). The game provides players with a combination of fun and learning about God’s Word.

The Fruit of The Spirit

Galatians 5:22-23

Remember the Fruit of the Spirit, practice them every day.
Remember the Fruit of the Spirit, they’ll keep you along life’s way.
God blessed us with His fruit to share, through word and through deed,
Live them out, give them out, planting like a seed!
Love: Adoration, Affection, Devotion, and Respect
Hezekiah has a heart of LOVE, it’s what he’s famous for.
When he gives or receives he’s happy to give more!
Joy: Extreme Happiness or Great Delight
Adam smiles throughout each day; he’s such a happy boy.
Laughing, playing as he goes, he’s always filled with JOY!
Peace: Calmness, Harmony, Quiet, Rest; Freedom from Fear and Anger
Be like Lorrie-Lee and never ever cease,
To live a life of rest, harmony, and PEACE!
Patience: To Endure, Staying Peaceful and Cheerful While You Wait
Peggy knows when things go wrong, or they simply take too long,
PATIENCE will endure the wait; its rewards are truly great!
Kindness: Being Helpful, Friendly, Thoughtful, and Gentle
Beulah, Betsy, and Barnabas are true friends indeed.
They’re always KIND and helpful whenever there’s a need!
Goodness: Being Considerate, Respectful, Polite, and Caring
Priscilla’s GOODNESS shows she cares,
With her friends she always shares!
Faithfulness: Being Loyal, Dependable, Dedicated, and Unwavering
Obadiah is a FAITHFUL soul, he’s loyal and he’s steady.
Indeed you can depend on him, he’s always there and ready!
Gentleness: Being Mild Tempered, Tender, Soothing, and Soft
Cornelius has a cool temper; he’s very soft and tender.
A spirit of GENTLENESS you will see him render!
Self-Control: Managing Your Emotions, Actions, Words, and Thoughts
“SELF-CONTROL,” Ben will say,
“Helps me behave in every way!”

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